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About Us

Article for Outdoor Adventure

Dandee Mounts help the user with firearm safety. Firearm safety and security is critical for any gun owner. Trigger locks have been popular in providing protection against the unapproved, unintentional, or accidental firing of firearms. The trigger lock fits into the trigger guard of a firearm to prevent operation of the trigger. These trigger locks are available in different styles, but most work in the same manner.

Although there are several manufacturers of trigger locks, the Dandee Mount works with all in the same manner. By inserting the back portion of the trigger lock into the mount and securing to a structure, then placing the firearm in a desired orientation, the front portion of the trigger lock can be inserted into the tumbler assembly and the process is complete. This again is not about the function of the lock, but more about a secure method to store or display a firearm securely and safely. Without modification to the mount, the mounting screws are hidden adding to the level of security intended.


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Dandee Mounts are available at these local stores:

Shipman Marine & Gun
310 Derby St
Pekin, IL 61554